Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Ok, so the last time I checked in I was in Garland, TX about to unload. Well now I'm sitting just outside of Chicago. Let me fill in the blanks.
After unloading in Garland I scooted on over to Dallas and picked up a load going to Shreveport, LA. From there I jumped down to Mansfield, LA, picked up a preloaded trailer and made it home before I ran out of hours for the day.
Monday I delivered that load in Lafayette, LA, then deadheaded to Natchez, MS for a load going back to Mansfield, LA. Reloaded there for a load to Des Plaines, IL. Dropped that load now I am bobtailing to Pikesville, KY to grab an empty and find a load.
I'll catch you up from there later!

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