Friday, April 15, 2011


This has been one hell of a day!
I finally got a call from dispatch to call a broker to get my load information. So I called the broker, and he told me everything I needed to know about the load except how to get there. He gave me the address and a number to call to get directions. I called the number but no answer.
I then punched the address into my gps only to find out that there was no 5500 Wooster rd. There is a Wooster pike, and a Wooster lane. I chose Wooster lane. Very bad choice. I ended up face to face with a 12 ft train bridge and only a neighborhood to turn around in.
I got turned around and tried unsuccessfully for the next hour to find this place. The broker finally called with good directions and I got there just before they left for the weekend.
While they are loading me I start planning my route. Tango was going to pay me 377 empty miles and 1119 loaded miles from Cincinnati to Texarkana. Actual driving miles is only 770. Looking over the route that the computer generated, I was going to have to go 197 miles one way out of route just to buy fuel, then drive on up to Cleveland for no reason and turnaround there to start my trip to Texarkana. Huh??
I called dispatch and brought it to there attention. They said just do whatever I wanted to do.
That's a wrap for now.
Y'all be good and God bless!

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