Thursday, March 31, 2011


Catch up time!
I spent a total of about five minutes unloading in Bay Minette, AL. That made this truck driver very happy.
My next load was in Montgomery, AL where I spent the night and loaded first thing in the morning. I had a little trouble finding the place because I had bad directions and a bad address. Even my gps got an attitude with me before it was all said and done.
Anyway, I got loaded and headed for Grand Prairie, TX where I unloaded. Then I jumped over to Ft Worth to grab a load going to our drop yard in Coushatta, LA where I dropped that trailer and grabbed an empty one to drop at Smurfit Stone in Hodge, LA. From there I hooked to a preloaded trailer and I'm off to Chesterfield, MO. TTYL

More miles, better loads, and very consistent freight at Tango Transport. Come see! Call Paula in recruiting at 1-866-898-4580 Ext 6694 and tell her Brady referred you:)
God bless!

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