Friday, June 24, 2011

Got to Folgers Coffee in New Orleans and dropped my load and picked up an empty. They had me preplanned on a load from Lacombe, LA to Ft Worth, TX that delivers Sunday night. Total miles on that load will be 564 miles which will close the week out at roughly 3200 miles. I'll update later with the actual end of week totals.
Drivers, Tango really does have consistant freight and miles for those who know how to manage their time well. The people that work behind the scenes in the office will bend over backwards to help you when you have an issue on the road or at home. Can you say that about your company.
I share my experience online with you because I know how hard it is to find legitimate information about a trucking company before you fill out the application. It seems you can only find negative info about companies online. It can be very frustrating, I know.
Tango may not be the biggest, nor the best, but they have great people and they seem to strive to be a driver oriented company. Give them a call. I dare you!

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