Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Not Everyday is a Good Day!

No matter where you go, what you do, or how good your attitude is, you're gonna have a bad day at some point. The way you react to these circumstances will determine just how long that bad day lasts!
I had one of those days today. It started pretty good with me getting loaded this morning. It didn't take long, then I was on my way from Waco, TX to Louisiana. When I got to Rusk, TX I was unable to completely read the wordy bypass sign. It appeared to be only for the highway running north and south through town. I was heading east so I proceeded on US84 east.
It didn't take long for the local city cop to notice me, and he proceeded to write me a $170 ticket. He didn't laugh when I suggested they use that money to buy a bigger truck route sign.
I then delivered my load to Coushatta, LA, dropped my trailer there and hooked to an empty then proceeded to Shreveport, LA for my next load. Once there, dispatch called and said that I drpped the trailer at the wrong customer and that I needed to drive the hour back to go and deliver it to Mansfield Mill.
I did what they asked, but was not real happy about it. Sometimes you gotta take the bad with the good.
Anyway, I got a load going from Shreveport, LA to Toledo, OH. I'll check in from there!

This blog is an attempt to give real information about my experiences at Tango Transport, whether it be good or bad. This blog was started on day one of my employment here. Go back and read over the past few months before you decide that Tango is the place for you. If you decide to come to work for Tango, and my experiences have helped influence you, please put my name down as the one who referred you. Feel free to call me with questions. My number is 337-789-7925, or you can call Paula in recruiting at 318-683-6694. Come join the team!

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