Thursday, July 14, 2011

This is the Last Tango Blog!

As of Monday July 11th, 2011 I am no longer contracted to Tango Transport. This will be my last posting as "My Tango Transport Diary". I have attempted to paint you the actual picture of what it is like to work for Tango Transport from my personal perspective. I started this Blog on my first night in the hotel in Shreveport, LA, then through orientation, then ththrough my short stay with Tango Transport as both Company Driver, and Owner Operator. I hope that my truthful experiences have helped you to decide whether Tango Transport is right for you. It has been fun, but Tango has always only been a step to where I really want to be. You will just have to stay tuned to my journey to find out just what that is.
Starting tomorrow I will be hooking up to a curtainside flatbed for another company based out of Louisiana. The name of the company is Protected Cargo located in Woodworth, LA. I will give you more info about them as the days progress.
If you are viewing this blog on any of the numerous websites that it is blasted to, understand that I will continue to publish this Blog from to the website that you read it from. You do not have to search for it. I'll still be right here, though I will be changing the names, but not the addresses.
Thanks for following!

This blog has been an attempt to give real information about my experiences at Tango Transport, whether it be good or bad. This blog was started on day one of my employment here. Go back and read over the past few months before you decide that Tango is, or is not the place for you. If you decide to go to work for Tango, and my experiences have helped influence you, please put my name down as the one who referred you. Feel free to call me with questions. My number is 337-789-7925, or you can call Paula in recruiting at 318-683-6694. Come join the team!

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