Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Have You Ever Had One Of Those Days?

Of course you have, we all have, and I just had another one:-)
I woke up this morning in Fairview, TN at the Flying J, then headed east on I40. Not long after getting on the interstate my truck stalled a little for a few seconds then took off again. It acted like the Jake brakes were activating and getting hung up. It did this a few times as I went through Nashville, then it stopped doing it.
I never had another problem until shortly after Lexington. I stopped at the rest area east of town to check things out. The engine was surging, but running. I called the Volvo dealer in Huntington, WV and told them what it was doing. They had a few opinions, but nothing definite, so they suggested I go ahead and bring it in. They did tell me that it would likely be tomorrow before they could fix it. So I headed to the shop only to get there as their mechanics were pulling out to go on a road call. Just my luck!
After talking to the service manager and letting him listen to the truck I decided to park at the truck stop in town and return in the morning.
As I was pulling out of the shop, stretched out across the high, the truck loses all power and stops!
When the tow-truck finally showed up, and the flow of traffic got restored, I hitched a ride to the Red Roof Inn, and here I sit watching Couples Retreat on HBO.
So, today's blog is titled "Have You Ever Had One Of Those Days?"... Well, have you? If so, tell us about it!
I'll fill you in on what is going on with the truck. By the way, Couples Retreat was a great movie:-)

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