Saturday, August 6, 2011

Truck Is Repaired & Week Two Final Results With Protected Cargo

Well, as you can see the truck is out of the shop. I actually got out of the shop Thursday evening, I just haven't been able to update this blog since then.
The picture is my actual bill for the truck repairs, including the wrecker bill. I was actually double charged for the wrecker, but caught it before they ran my debit card. CHECK YOUR BILL! The final bill was actually $1402.59. The reason that the wrecker bill was so cheap was because they only had to tow me a couple of hundred yards because the truck broke down as I was leaving the shop Tuesday when I stopped by to see if I could get it in there to see if they could take a look at it. They said to bring it back the next morning, but the truck had different ideas. I pulled onto the highway and at that point the EGR valve gave up the ghost!
So I ended up in a hotel room that night, then called the shop all day Wednesday trying to find out what was going on. Needless to say, they were never able to get it in the shop that day, so I got a room for night number 2.
Thursday morning I get a call from the shop and they tell me that the #1 EGR valve needed to be replaced, so I called my warranty provider and told them what the problem was. Bad news was that they won't cover the repair...and there is no good news!
So Thursday evening they called me and said that the truck was ready and that they would have someone come and pick me up at the hotel. Two hours later my ride shows up! The shop was only a mile away from the hotel...I could have walked!
I get the bill paid, I check out the repairs, and I hit the road, off to Buckhannon, WV to get my load off.
Upon arriving at Buckhannon, I get a call from my company. They tell me that I'll be reloading at the same place I'm unloading and that my load will be going to Darlington, SC. They were very slow at getting me unloaded, and even slower at loading me again, and sometime around midnight:30 I got loaded, strapped down, pulled my curtains, and hauled butt!
I was not ready to fight the hills and valleys of WV and VA throughout the night, so I found me a place to park and layed down until daylight.
Friday I fought the rains that fell from Charlotte, NC all the way to Darlington, SC, and if you drove through that rain you know it was horrible!
I finally got unloaded in Darlington, called dispatch, got my reload information only to find out that my shipper stops unloading trucks at 4pm on Friday and does not start back up until Monday morning.
I am spending the weekend in a hotel in Florence, SC because at nearly $4 per gallon for diesel, it is cheaper to get a room than to sit in a truck stop idling your truck.
All in all, the week wa less than ideal, and I only got three loads this week. The one that I loaded up Friday in Chopin, LA delivered Monday morning to Lewisville, AR. My next load, loaded at Emerson, AR, was the load that I found me in the shop at Huntington, WV. It delivered to Buckhannon, AR. My last load for the week loaded in Buckhannon, WV and delivered to Darlington, SC. Watch for the settlement breakdown for this week sometime next weekend, and titled Week 3 Results.
As for week 2 results, here they are:

Load #1 Columbus, OH to Alexandria, LA
Total Miles = 1020
Gross = $1752.92 ($1.71 per hub mile)*

Load #2 Chopin, LA to Newton, MS
Total Miles = 311
Gross = $531.64 ($1.70 per hub mile)*

Load #3 Fulton, MS to Lena, MS
Total Miles = 453
Gross = $779.37 ($1.72 per hub mile*)

Load #4 Zwolle, LA to Natchitoches, LA
Total Miles = 107
Gross = $176.51 ($1.64 per hub mile)*

Load #5 Chopin, LA to Pine Bluff, AR
Total Miles = 280
Gross = $459.84 ($1.64 per hub mile)*

Load #6 El Dorado, AR to Alexandria, LA
Total Miles = 238
Gross = $368.00 ($1.54 per hub mile)*

Total miles for the week = 2409

Total gross for the week = $4068.28

Average $ per mile = $1.68

*All miles, loaded and empty are used to get $ per mile average.

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  1. I like your Blog, I haven't been driver going on two yrs. because of a work injury. Your stories are putting me right back out there on the road.\

    Thank You
    David @ Taino Transport

  2. Driving - (sorry) I really need to reread before hitting the send button. lol

    David @ Taino Transport