Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Welcome Aboard Joda Duncan!

Protected Cargo Transports newest team member is Joda Duncan Jr. Joda is coming on board with us as a company driver this morning, so welcome aboard Joda.

Let me take this opportunity to tell you that Protected Cargo Transport starts their company drivers out at as much as 25% depending on past experience. If you are tired of pulling tarps, and want to give curtainsides a try, call Dee Dee Bass and get started with us today!

This blog is an attempt to give real information about my experiences at Protected Cargo. This blog was started on day one of my employment at Tango Transport and I have continued to keep it going with my new contract. Go back and read over the past few months. If you decide to come to work for my current carrier then please put my name down as the one who referred you. Feel free to call me with questions. My number is 337-789-7925. Come join the team!

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