Monday, January 16, 2012

America, Are We Too Big For Our Britches?

What in the world has happened to the mindset of the American people over the last thirty years? Our founding fathers fought and won the Revolutionary War to escape the tyranny of England, yet we are quick to impose our "values" upon other nations when we feel that their culture, beliefs, strengths, and weaknesses do not line up with ours! THIS IS WRONG!! We are the United States of America, one nation UNDER God, not above Him.
We have been hyper-conditioned by our 24 hour a day news media outlets to believe that our government tell us everything, and that it is in the best interest for everyone for our political leaders to stand in the place of God Almighty as the police, judge, and jury of other countries. God's word tells us that He and He alone will judge the nations of the world, but we keep getting in His way. America needs to back off and let God deal with the nations before He starts dealing with us!
Politicians are always quick to use the Civil Rights propaganda in order to justify our occupation of other countries while putting American men and women in harms way. EXCUSE ME?! Why is it our business? Seems to me that it wasn't too many years ago that our own country was going through it's own civil rights movement, and I don't recall any other countries eager to put their nose in our affairs. The point here is that even though our civil rights problem began with slavery, it ended from within our own borders because good people eventually rose up from the violence and inhumane treatment of the American-Africans and defeated the oppression of their people. It usually happens this way when things are allowed to run their natural course though it may take a couple of hundred years as it did for the US. The eventual outcome of our own Civil Rights Act is that the very people who were once enslaved in this country are now prominent business leaders, religious leaders, political figures, and even occupy the White House in Washington D.C. That is a testament to the overwhelming power of allowing the good that exists in human nature combined with the prayers of people of faith to work properly over a period of time. God's time, not ours!
     When we stand in the way of letting nature take its course, and in the way of God doing a work in people's lives, whether they believe in Him or not, we slow down and extend an already difficult process.
I am not saying that we should never intervene in international issues. I am not naive. There are issues that come up from time to time like the holocaust and ethnic cleansing that need to be dealt with, but they need to be dealt with swiftly and with definiteness of purpose to reduce the likelihood of American casualties. Not some clumsy, over-cautious, tap dance of a war that goes on for ten years and cost more American lives than any of us are able to justify, not to mention the exorbitant amounts of taxpayer money that is spent to satisfy these political egos!
     We have an obligation to lead by example, not force. We have an obligation to defend other countries on OUR terms, but only when asked to do so by the country or people in question.
     The day that our leaders decided to assassinate Bin Laden and Anwar al-Awlaki, we left ourselves wide open to accusations from the east, and gave their governments free reign to manipulate the American press agencies in ways that will surely divide the US even more than what our current administration has done. A prime example of this is the recent death of the nuclear scientist in Iran. The Iranians are accusing the CIA of killing this man. How can we deny what they are saying? We are now known to the world as assassins because that is what we have recently portrayed.
     I am not saying that Bin Laden nor al-Awlaki didn't get what they had coming to them. They most certainly did! However, a military tribunal was in order, followed by a public execution. It is decisions like those made that cause national security problems and keep our troops in harms way.
     I personally blame political correctness as being the chief problem undermining our foreign policy today. It is political correctness that has weakened this country's ability to fight a war with intentions to actually win! Until Americans can stomach the brutality of fighting a war with intentions to win, and understand that you can only win a war declared on a people, not an idolatry, then and only then should we be willing to place our troops on the ground anywhere but in the United States!
    There is only one candidate that shares my perspective. His name is Ron Paul! God Bless America!!

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