Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Think I Mentioned That This Stock Was About To POP!

Yes I know that it was a little bit over a month ago, but had you bought it when I suggested last month Jan 12th when it was at $21.40 you would be well into the green. For those that took my advice and bought, even though it was a bit early, you are riding a raging bull. I'm staying on with a 5% stop loss trigger, you follow your gut on this one.
On to the Foreign Currency markets, I am buying AUD/JPY (and have been for awhile) on the day charts, and I'm stayning on all the to 89.555. I'm thinking that somewhere between there and 91.000 we are gonna find resistance and things will go south for a while. I'm short on EUR/USD (also on the day charts) all the way to 1.28350ish.
People call me CRAZY for trading the day and week charts, but I ask you, do you think that George Soros sits at his computer all day making $200 trades on the minute charts? Well, neither do I! Trade the days charts!!

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  1. By the way, It ain't too late to get into CHK in my opinion!