Sunday, April 1, 2012

Attack Of The Angry Birds Louisiana Style!!

Yesterday while driving home from town we saw an suv on the shoulder of the road with its flashers on, door open, and windshield smashed in so badly that it was laying partly on the dashboard. I turned around to go back and see if anyone was hurt. I fully expected to find people with cut up faces and glass in their eyes.
When I got there three women got out. They seemed okay and didn't have any cuts that I could see. I asked if they were okay and if they needed anything, and they said that they were fine and that help was on the way.
I noticed on the windshield that there were a couple of large black feathers. I asked the driver what had happened and she just looked at me and smiled as she said, "angry birds!" 
For those who haven't already guessed, a large buzzard (Louisiana's second state bird) had crashed into her windshield! 
Glad they were okay, and that she was able to find some humor in her dilemma. 
Keep smiling;-)

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