Sunday, April 20, 2014

It's Personal

Today is the one day of the year that many people will actually go to a church service. For those of us who go regularly, be it weekly, bi-weekly, or less often than that, we welcome the opportunity to show you the love of Jesus Christ the best way we can!
For those that only come once a year it is a religious obligation that offers them a sense of security or a feeling of compliance with the scriptures. This a practice done out of religious necessity and not done out of a true relationship with Jesus. A relationship is a daily striving to know someone more deeply and intimately. If the only time you spoke to, kissed, hugged, or even looked at your spouse was just once a year on your anniversary, how intimate would your relationship be?
Going to church on a regular basis does not automatically give you a deeper relationship with Him, but as you strive to know Him more deeply by studying His word the bible, you will learn the reasons of assembling together with other believers.
What Jesus (God almighty) did on the cross was close the door FOREVER on religious practice, and open wide the door of a personal relationship. This is the only way to reach Him now, and has been the only way for 2000+ years.
As you make your annual trek to church today, ask Jesus if He would like to have a more intimate relationship with you, and then ask Him to show you how to do it!
Peace & love through Christ Jesus.

Ps. I invite you to worship with us at the Church House in Hicks, LA today and every Sunday at 11am or 6pm. Wednesday at 7pm.

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