Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Quick blog entry.

Friday I was nailed with a level 3 DOT inspection about 35 miles from my house GRRRR! My log book was not current and there was no real reason for it but laziness. Because of failing the inspection I was given a "random" (lol) drug test on Tuesday. Go figure;)
So anyway, I unloaded Monday in Eunice, LA then jumped up to Natchez, MS for a load going to Shreveport. There I did my "random"(lol) drug test, then went to Hodge,LA and picked up a preloaded trailer going to Birmingham, AL. Dropped that load and headed down to Pine Hill, AL for a preloaded trailer going to Michigan. From there I am preplanned on a load from Chicago to Atlanta.
I'll check in with y'all mo'later!

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